1  Unique Value Proposition in a Concise Headline

  1. Your introduction to your Scope viewers
  2. Should match the message that you promised in your Scope
  3. Explains the benefit that your product, service or solution provides

2  Image/Video Showing Context of Use

  1. Demonstrate your product or service in use!
  2. This emphasizes the Value of what you are offering!
  3. Increased Value = Increased Sales

3 Core Benefits Statement(s)

  1. Keep your main points in short bullet form, not long sentences
  2. Keep your points focused on BENEFITS that people will get from using it. “What’s in it for them?”
  3. Focus your BENEFITS on what pain your prospect customers are facing

4  Request for Data (for a fair value item in exchange)

  1. Email Addresses are GOLDEN! But it comes with equal or greater exchange
  2. Before asking anyone to join your list, your ask needs to show Return on Value to your Scoper viewers.
  3. You achieve this through consistent delivery of AMAZING CONTENT

5  A Strong Call To Action (CTA)

  1. Your CTA should leave no doubt about it’s purpose and intent.  
  2. Your CTA should spell out exactly what will happen when it is clicked.
  3. Come up with a CTA that completes the sentence “I want to…”
  4. If possible, try to stay away from “Submit” and “Subscribe”

6  Trust Elements

  1. Your new viewers don’t know you but you have something to offer. They are checking out your scope, but essentially you are strangers and your relationship is starting from “Ground Zero”.
  2. The truth is, at Ground Zero, most of your new viewers start out by NOT trusting you.
  3. Would you buy from a company you didn’t trust? No one. So what can you do to increase the trust of your landing page? Here are a few things you can use:

  • Testimonials: Make them authentic and try to use video if you can. And don’t be afraid to ask your customers if they are willing to help.
  • Social Media: Show a live stream of people saying nice stuff about you.
  • Endorsements: Show the logos of media placements or high profile customers.

7  Post-Conversion Socializing

  1. You have made it to the end of your scope and have provided value-added content to your new and repeat viewers. 
  2. You close with where your viewers can go to learn more about your presented scope topic and send them to your readily-awaiting landing page.
  3. Your viewers see the value, go to your landing page, complete the form and – “CLICK” – they are on your list and you now have a LUKE WARM LEAD. Now what?
  4. There’s no better place than the final confirmation page of your lead gen page or cart page =>> The lead generation confirmation page could be considered the digital equivalent of a supermarket candy shelf
  5. Capitalize on this opportunity when your lead has expressed intent, and ask for something else, like a follow or newsletter subscription.