What Is a Market Campaign Strategy?

What Is Your Market Campaign Strategy?

The old slogan “Fake it until you make it” is really bad advice when it comes to conducting a marketing campaign for your small business. But this is what I see many new (and seasoned) entrepreneurs use as their marketing strategy. They sporadically place an ad, put up a website, post it on Facebook, livestream about it, and call it done.

Unfortunately, this kind of “fake it until you make it” marketing approach is like shooting a gun at a target blind-folded; you can shoot as many times as you have bullets, but you’re not going to hit the bullseye because you can’t see the target.

How do you focus your site on the target so that each time you launch a campaign, you are aiming for the bullseye?  Through much trial and error, I have put together a real campaign marketing strategy and it is yours to have. Here’s what you need to put in place before you beginning any marketing program or campaign.

Follow my ten step blueprint to run a successful marketing campaign by viewing my Periscope broadcast replay.

Also as a bonus, I am providing you the actual template that I use for every campaign that I launch. To download, click here.

Enjoy and your feedback and comments are always welcomed.