Don’t C.R.Y. – D.R.Y. Your E.Y.E.

by Automating your Marketing & Sales Processes

D.R.Y. simply means Don’t Repeat Yourself.

The opposite of D.R.Y. is described as being W.E.T., meaning that you Write Everything Twice or Waste Everyone’s Time.

And in some cases, things are beyond writing everything just twice and wasting everyone’s time, which we refer to the term C.R.Y. or Continously Repeating Yourself.

Whatever you want to call it, it’s a waste of your time when creating things more than once.

Remember, don’t C.R.Y. (continuously repeating yourself)! D.R.Y. (don’t repeat yourself) your two E.Y.E. (s) (engage your expertise, enable your e-commerce) by

automating your marketing and sales process!

Web Hosting

Bluehost: Some of you may know that I am a Web Developer and 90% of my clients have moved from other hosting companies to Bluehost Why? Because it’s simple to setup and they have excellent 24 hour customer service, either by phone or chat. I have built over 200 websites using Bluehost and WordPress together and will continue to recommend it to all of my clients and PeriHack Community!

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Domains Online success starts with a great domain. At, we make it easy and inexpensive to get the domain you want, fast. We offer all major Top Level Domains (TLDs) and over 25 Country Code Top Level Domains (ccTLDs). Every domain registration includes the following domain tools:

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Email Marketing

MailChimp: I have recently switched from MailerLite to MailChimp to take advantage of Mailchimp’s extensive automation features and pre-built segmentation tools. As a digital marketer who creates sales and lead pages for hundreds of clients, it was important to have more control over segmenting my list. MailChimp has truly stepped up their offering with the long list of automation and segmentation features.

Click here to start off with MailChimp’s FREE “New Business” plan or step up to their “Growing Business” plan (starting at $10/month) that includes the automation.

MailerLite: Having tried several email services, MailerLite has stood out amongst them all. Their subscriber management is straightforward, and features like Autoresponder, Resend Campaigns and Subscriber Analytics have been very helpful for me to grow my user list from 100 to 500 subscribers in less than 1 month.

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Webinar Software

EasyWebinar: Out of the many tools that I have used, provided reviews, tips and hacks, I am a novice in the webinar space. I have not really had a need for a webinar tool until I started Scoping and building the PeriHack community through value-added content. Now it just makes sense to begin re-purposing my Scope content into other forms of training, such as eBooks, training classes and Webinars!


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Landing Pages

Thrive Landing Pages: As a WordPress developer that has created landing pages for many of my customers, I have struggled to find an easy-to-use landing page solution specifically designed for WordPress. Trust me, if it was on the WordPress plugin list, I most likely have tried it out.

I’ve also tried out LeadPages and after working with it for a week, it did not provide the flexibility that I required for a more custom designed landing page. LeadPages is a great solution for those who are looking for an out of the box solution and pre-selection templates that you can select based on conversion optimization rates.

After giving Thrive Landing Pages a try, I think LeadPages has finally met their match – at least for an integrated WordPress landing page solution. Below is my side-by-side comparison of the two:

Speed of Creating a Landing Page: Hands down, Thrive Leads provides me more flexibility and choice in terms of how I want to place the different components on the page. I struggled with LeadPages templates in that it forced me to stay within each templates style unless you upgraded to their premium plan. With that said, you may be able to create a landing page faster with LeadPages, but with limited control of how you would like for it to look.

Landing Page Templates: Overall, LeadPages lead in this area with at least 30-40 more templates where some are specifically created by top marketers such as Pat Flynn and Jeff Walker. But even with the 50+ templates that Thrive Leads provide, you have alot more control over modifying all of their templates. I was able to build a 2 different custom landing page for a customer but using only one of the Thrive Themes Landing Pages templates. Again, I love the flexibility.

Flexibility / Customization: Personally for me, this is the most important feature to be able to provide a unique feel for my my sites as well as my clients. Thrive Landing Pages definitely has the upper-hand on LeadPages in this area. I was amazed by the number of available drag & drop options to create your own landing page design with the ability to save it as a template. With LeadPages strict adherence to what you can change, it is fairly easy to determine whether someone is using LeadPages. Not a big deal for beginners, but if you need to stand out of the pack, then you are limited in having full control over your customization with LeadPages.

Compatibility: Because all of my websites are on WordPress, Thrive Landing Pages is perfect. It is a plugin that installs right on your site and you are only one click away from building your landing page with everything contained in your WordPress site. Although LeadPages has a plugin for WordPress, you do all of your editing on LeadPages platform, and then connect from the LeadPages WordPress plugin to import the landing page. If you are not using WordPress, then Thrive Landing Pages can’t be used. LeadPages wins in this area where as your landing page can be hosted directly on LeadPages server.

Pricing: And the last comparison provided me what I needed to make my decision to go with Thrive Landing Pages. LeadPages provides a subscription-based model where you either pay monthly or annually of 3 different tiers with the respective prices provided for each:

  • Standard ($37 month-to-month/$25 monthly if paid annually)
  • Pro ($79 month-to-month/$49 monthly if paid annually)
  • Advanced (month-to-month not available /$199 monthly if paid annually)

Thrive Landing Pages on the other hand is a one time purchase. You can purchase a single site license for $67 or $97 to use it on an unlimited number of sites. Both licenses provide you 1 year of support with access to a comprehensive knowledge base and an active customer support forum. One other feature that I like is the ability to upgrade your license at anytime. You basically pay the difference in cost. For example, I have purchased the Thrive Landing Pages single site license for $67 but plan to upgrade to the $97 to use on my other business sites. I basically just pay the $30 price difference.

There you have it. I made my decision to go with Thrive Landing Pages and so far I am a very happy customer and affiliate partner!

The PeriHacker’s Scope Gear

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